This is Vallecamonica: two naturalistic parks, which can be considered among the most important of the Alps (that of Adamello and that of Stelvio); a lot of refuges and paths; the well-known skiing resorts (Ponte di Legno and Tonale, Borno, Montecampione) but also other little and good equipped places; summer skiing in the Presena Glacier; Spa in Darfo Boario Terme and Angolo Terme; a cultural, historical and artistic patrimony that is really unique for the Alpine Valleys even because it embraces 10.000 years and starts with the famous “Incisioni Rupestri”. If you read the Itineranda Guidebook “Lombardia, land of water and mountains, cities of art, ancient villages” you find this description of the Vallecamonica: “Silent green expanses worthy of a great artist, the interweaving blues of sky and rivers, the grey-red brushstrokes of churches and bell-towers: this is the intangible scenography of the Vallecamonica, as unreal and static as a photo or a timeless image, as magic and indefinable as a miracle, as beautiful and hypnotic as an endless dream. A magic spirituality straddles the different epochs, from the solar rituals of the rock-carving tribes to the cult of Roman divinities, to the Christianity of the sixteenth-century with its miracles and its witch-burnings, and still pervades this valley, wrapping it in a mystic and intensely fascinating aura. The numerous rock-carvings scattered throughout the valley recall its prehistoric past, and a rich succession of events has rocked its imperturbable tranquillity”.